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Global Leader - Digital Design


On 30th November, 2017, Clutch announced the agencies from around the world that demonstrate excellence in digital marketing and design. Their annual report recognizes 475+ top B2B service providers across six industries.

Lollypop is honoured to be listed as Global Leaders 2017 in the domain of ‘Digital Design’ and ‘UX Agencies’.

Clutch identifies leaders using a methodology that evaluates firms on their ‘industry expertise’ and ‘ability to deliver.’  To assess the company’s industry expertise, 5 criteria are evaluated, viz., services offered, client base, case studies, awards received and social media presence. These factors form the base to know if firms have a higher level of expertise in their industry or not.

And, company’s ability to deliver is determined by conducting verified client reviews. Personal interviews are conducted between Clutch analysts and client references, to get direct feedback from clients about their experience working with the company. Clutch analysts are trained to be neutral while conducting interviews to ensure all reviews are thorough, verified, and accurate.

Companies that receive high marks in both their industry expertise evaluation and their client. Others who were able to make it to the list in Digital Design and UX Agencies lists are:

Digital Design

Momentum Design Lab, Lounge Lizard, Fuzzy Math, Lollypop Design Studio, Fresh Tilled Soil, The DVI Group, Hard Candy Shell, OAB Studios, Experience Dynamics, VeracityColab, Slide UX, Sparkhouse, Clay, ThreeSixtyEight, Creative Navy

UX Agencies

Momentum Design Lab, Lollypop Design, Fuzzy Math, Slide UX, Clay, Creative Navy, UX Studio, QubStudio, Brave UX, PLATFORM, Dreamten, Awesomed, MEAT Agency, MSTQ, 415Agency

About Clutch

Clutch, a Washington D.C. based ratings and reviews platform, finds and analyzes technology companies from around the world in the IT, marketing and design sectors. From there, they create lists of the leading companies based on a detailed algorithm as a resource for small to mid-sized businesses to find the best technology partner for their needs.

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